Easter trail

Welcome to our Easter Story Trail

Pre-school to Reception

For pre-school to Reception, a trail around Middle Lane, Top Side, Bower Lane, Stepping Lane and Cupola Lane. Find five egg shapes, each containing a picture that is something to do with the Easter story.

If you would like to join in with further activities then you can download an activity sheet.

If you have picked up a goodie bag then you will have seen these already.

Watch the story of Palm Sunday here

Contact Nicky before Friday 2nd April if you would like to reserve a goodie bag for either trail at smg.children@gmail.com or 07796 217256

Primary Y1 and above

Welcome to In Search of Easter

This is our trail and activities for Primary School age children, Y1 and above. The trail runs alongside the Easter Story Trail and there are some additional activities. If you’ve picked up a goodie bag you will have seen these already. If you don’t have a goodie bag, all the activities can be downloaded here and you can still join with us!

Instructions for completing the trail:

  1. Find the introduction poster and QR code outside the church hall, or on the notice board by Grenoside Green.

  2. Scan the QR code to see the video that sets off the adventure.

  3. Head up to Middle Lane to find the first egg and then continue onto Top Side. Tick each egg off on the trail sheet.

  4. At 3 houses you will find a QR code which will take you to a video with a clue to help you crack the code. This will give you the password to give access to the final video that answers the question! At the other 2 you will find something to look at. Look carefully to find the clue!

  5. If your mobile data allows, watch the videos while doing the trail. If not, save the links to watch at home.

If you have had any problems with the QR codes or data you can access the videos here:

In Search of Easter Introduction video:

Clue 1 Palm Sunday

(See the picture on the trail. If you are not doing the trail in person, the letter is R)

Clue 2 Peter and Jesus

Clue 3 At the Cross

(See the picture on the trail. If you are not doing the trail in person, the letter is S)

Clue 4 Nic and Jesus

Clue 5 Mary and Jesus

If you’ve found the clues and worked out the password, then scan this QR code using a phone, put in the password and watch the final video to find out what Easter is all about!

Other activities

Some other activities mentioned in the pack that you might like to do can be accessed from here.

Watch one of these versions of the Easter Story

The Easter Story by J. John

The Easter Story in LEGO

Join in with the Easter Bake-along!

Gather together these ingredients: 150g light brown sugar, 225g caster sugar, 225g butter, 150g dark chocolate, 3 eggs, 125g plain flour, 75g cocoa powder, 80g bag of Cadbury mini eggs. Connect to the Youtube video and bake chocolate brownies along with Martha, the youngest ever Bake-off contestant! As you bake, hear more about the reason for the season.

Watch Mr Emporium’s Easter Experiments and hear the Easter story explained using science in an interactive exploration into the story of Easter. Thank you to St George’s, Leeds for this fun video!

Some more ideas:

Make an Easter garden

Find a container or even a little space in your garden if you have one. (ice cream pot, old washing up bowl/seed tray, foil dish. Fill with soil or compost but remember to wash hands when touching these. Make a hill and cover with grass/moss/leaves. Use a small plant pot or yogurt pot as the tomb, make a path out of pebbles or anything else you have to hand. Find a stone or make a stone to put in front of the tomb. Make a cross (or three if you can) using twigs, lollipop sticks etc. Add toy figures to be Jesus, the angel, Mary, disciples.