We love weddings!

Although a church wedding is a very serious occasion that doesn't mean it has to be solemn, dull or quiet. You will make some life-altering promises to each other with all your friends and family as witnesses and sign a binding contract, but it's YOUR wedding, YOUR special day, and you should make it unique.

Having a wedding in Church is a wonderful experience.  Although there are many alternative options available to couples today, many still want to have a traditional wedding in an ancient Church and to seek God’s blessing on their new life together

We love having weddings at St Mark’s.  We do have to comply with the law so there are some limitations as to what we can do, however, we usually find that most problems can be overcome.  Email us to arrange a time when you can meet the Minister to discuss your wedding.  Please note that when you come to make the booking you will both need to bring your passports or other proof of citizenship as, if the bride or the groom doesn't have British or EAA (European Union) citizenship, the traditional banns are replaced by a Superintendent Registrar Certificate

What else do you need to know?

There are lots of things to think about when planning a wedding - including the cost! The Church of England provide a great website, "Your Church Wedding" to help you to make your plans. Have a look through the pages, have a few thoughts about what you'd like to do at your own wedding, and then come and discuss it with us. 

A list of different fees can be downloaded from our "Life Events" page.