Food banks

Food Bank Update

St Paul’s Church, Wordsworth Ave, is part of the S6 Foodbank.

They receive deliveries from S6’s warehouse, and donations in cash and kind from the community. There is a box for donations of food, toiletries etc in St Mark's church. For more information on how to donate items please see the S6 Website. On Friday mornings people come to collect their food bags, with an official referral. The bags contain non-perishable food and toiletries, and every effort is made to meet individual needs too, eg special diets, baby food and nappies, pet food; as well as pointers to other sources of advice and support. Generally about 45 bags are given out. S6 has an informative website for further details.

Mount Tabor church is no longer operating as part of S6 Foodbank due to lack of storage space. Instead they have started a cooperation with FoodWorks of Sheffield, which provides high-standard frozen ready meals, made using surplus food from supermarkets and wholesalers, for a minimum donation of £1 each. These can be ordered by anyone, with no official referral needed. More details of what they are doing can be found on the PXI Facebook page, for those on Facebook, and FoodWorks also has a useful website.

How can we help?

Prayer: Please pray for

  • The ongoing safety of volunteers and clients

  • That these different initiatives will meet the needs of more individuals and families, and that awareness of the provision will reach those who need it, especially the new offer of free meals for children

  • That God’s love will shine through all that’s done, despite all the social distancing and precautions that are essential just now


Gifts in kind or cash can be taken (with appropriate social distancing) to St Paul’s on Thursdays, 9-12; or contact Kathy Keron, 0114 327 0655 or email Look out too for foodbank donation boxes at your supermarket.

Financial gifts to S6 Foodbank can be made through their website.

For the Mt Tabor/Foodworks project, please make cheques payable to PXI-Parson Cross Initiative Projects and send or take to Mount Tabor Methodist Church, Wordsworth Ave, Sheffield S5 8NJ. Give online via at, or via BACS, details available on request via Kathy Keron.