Volunteers will be delivering envelopes throughout the village. Please donate what you can to this charity. Donations can be posted through the letterboxes at the Church Hall or the Reading Room, or can be brought to church services and other meetings. If you prefer to donate online please click the Christian Aid logo and this will take you to the dedicated St Mark's collection envelope.  

Every gift. Every action. Every prayer. Every one of us can change lives.

Costs are soaring around the world. In Malawi, food, fertiliser and school fees have doubled in price in the last 12 months. The climate crisis means farmers are struggling to survive. Devastated by droughts, floods and storms, harvests fail. Children are robbed of the chance to go to school. Their families can't afford to pay the fees and they are forced to give up on their hopes for the future. 

Jen Bishop, a loving mum in Malawi dreams of her children being able to have the education they deserve. Her hard-working boys have earned places at top colleges - but Jen cannot afford to send them both.

Jen says 'My heart longs to see our children finish school. These dreams are very important to me, because by doing so, I'll be sure that I am creating a good future for the children'. 

No mum should have this heart breaking choice of which child to educate and which one will miss out on their dreams. No hard-working young person should be forced to give up on education, locking them into poverty. 

But there is hope. Together we can help people stand strong and help their children's dreams come true this Christian Aid Week. With your help, Jen will be able to plant more hardy, drought-resistant pigeon peas and pay for her children's education.

Together, we can help people secure a better future for their children, giving them the chance to fulfil their potential.

This Christian Aid Week, you can be one of the hundreds of thousands of our supporters who give, act and pray – stepping out in love for our global neighbours. With you by our side, we won’t stop until everyone can live a full life, free from poverty and hunger.

From envelope collections to walking 300,000 steps in May, Christian Aid Week brings people together as one community helping those living in poverty to transform their own lives.

This Christian Aid Week (14-20 May), please:

Give generously to help women grow crops that survive in the drought. 

Act and raise your voice for justice. Join our Loss and Damage campaign.

Pray that families will stay strong during tough times of drought.

Together, we can turn hunger into hope. 

Join us at caweek.org